About Us


Our Heirloom Story

It all started with an old handwritten notebook of natural remedies for sleep, inflammation, and arthritis.
Although CBD is a recent movement, Prehemptive draws its inspiration from the natural pharmaceutical formulas founded by my great-grandfather, a botanicals chemist, in 1933 Provence, France. A time when medicine was wildcrafted fresh in small batches, using only potent, good-for-you ingredients. Rooted in this treasured legacy, we’ve been crafting hemp extract products since 2015, harnessing the healing power of nature to champion healthy, happy humans. 

Reliability counts when it comes to you and your family's overall health. Our cannabinoids crafter uses third-party laboratories to analyze our hemp extracts final products for potency, heavy metals, bacterial and microbial life, mycotoxins (fungus), and pesticides. Our products are 100% natural, made with organic ingredients, no preservatives, no filler, vegan, and gluten-free.

Our mission is to add a little magic to your health, back to a life rich in possibilities. We aim to accomplish this through our dedication to quality, transparency, and reliability - through fairness of cost as well as through offering assistance programs.

And to go even further, we're a proud member of the "1% for the Planet". One percent of our annual gross revenue goes to different non-profit organizations in collaboration with the "1% for the Planet" network.

Welcome To PREHEMPTIVE ;-)