About Us


Rooted in Tradition,

Our roots were planted in the lavender and hemp fields of Southern France, where our family has farmed since 1933. Few people know this little fact, but It is the Provence region where medicinal uses of hemp first reigned supreme.

From 1765 until the beginning of World War II, locals were using cannabis and hemp for food, protein, medicine, and clothing, while other places around the world were only using hemp to make rope. The French are not only known for living the life of distinguished wines and lifestyle, but as a culture they also recognize how food and nature are the sources for better health.

Our PREHEMPTIVE Sports CBD Cream is a treasured family recipe from Provence, France. The cream is used for body & skin trauma, arthritis, sunburn, muscle spasms, and inflammation.

Always crafted fresh in small batches, our SPORTS CREAM is made from ingredients that are 100% active, with no fillers and no preservatives, free of parabens, petroleum, or irritating chemicals. And, unlike most CBD products on the market, PREHEMPTIVE sports cream’s ingredients are subjected to rigorous lab testing protocols before they’re used in any of our small batch productions.

The cream’s superior effectiveness is a result of its unique blend of Raw Hemp Cannabinoids (CBD) Extract, Arnica, Calendula, Ginger, and Lavender,  infused in a base of organic Shea butter to pamper the skin. Like many other homeopathic remedies, the CBD’s beneficial effects are absorbed topically.

PREHEMPTIVE Sports CBD Cream works to detoxify the area where you hurt by helping the body purge the excess toxins and fluids. This takes pressure off the capillaries so oxygen and nutrients can flow back into the cells and optimizes the body’s healing process.

Discover this natural path to wellness and pain relief for yourself, or order for a loved one.