The Time My Grandfather's Herbal Recipes Saved My Life...

Hi, I'm Paul,
Let me tell you a quick story about the time my grandfather's herbal recipes saved my life. At the time, I was suffering from chronic pain from years of holding a news camera on my shoulder. Some of my muscle spasms were so bad; they could keep me in bed for days and after making me walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame for another week. The pain from my shoulder arthritis stopped me from doing any sports using the upper body part; even swimming was a pain. On top of all this, I was struggling with massive medical bills, constant tests, and awful side-effects from my medications. I felt sick, unheard, and taken advantage of believed the ads when they said my medications would help me and I suffered. Then the bottom fell out from under me when my drugs killed my stomach flora. I couldn't eat anything that wasn't organic, and my pain and spasms continued. I could never live as free as I had before my injuries again. As you can imagine, I felt defeated, taken advantage of, and helpless, like no one cared about me. But I was determined to find a way to heal myself, even if the doctors couldn't. That's when my father showed me my grandfather's box of recipes for ancient healing formulas, passed down through generations of our family in the South of France. My great-grandfather was a botanicals chemist working only with plants, and my grandfather was a medical physician. The box, filled with natural recipes of healing botanical topicals, tonic wines, and herbal infusions. Some of the formulas also revealed the healing power of hemp. I started experimenting and created what later became our PREHEMPTIVE lavender & ginger cream from these recipes. The first batch was very healing, but it looked and smelled very weedy. That's when I used my skills in skincare formulation to adapt the recipe to keep its all-natural healing powers and release the more pleasant scents. That's when everything changed!
I was able to:
- Eat anything I wanted just like I could before. (In moderation)
- Enjoy time with my friends and family without being interrupted by pain or sickness.
- Save time and money without all those doctor visits I don't need anymore.
Now I'm living my dream of pain-free living without the cost and destructive side-effects of pharmaceuticals. That's why I'm so passionate about sharing PREHEMPTIVE CBD with you -