The Pain Relief Benefits of Arnica (5 min read)

The Pain Relief Benefits of Arnica Montana Oil
(5 min read)

This beautiful yellow flower of the sunflower family named Arnica Montana has been used for centuries to relieve various types of pain naturally. This flower is from the mountainous regions of Europe and North America. We recommend using the topical solution combined with the herbal supplement to reduce post-surgical bruising and swelling. Most clients who using our products saw a significant improvement in their recovery. Additionally, Arnica is scientifically proven to reduce the pain of various types: from sports injuries to arthritis. It is essential in every naturalist's herbal medicine cabinet and every patient's post-surgical care regimen.

Still, many atheltes showed interest in Arnica oil. "Pierre Barrieu, a former head fitness coach for the United States Men's National Soccer Team, treated players with arnica pellets and topical formulations since 2002.
"It was to relieve the effects of blows and bruises (i.e., prevent swelling and bleeding) when applied promptly," he said to the media. "It's best to apply as early as possible after the traumatic event. We also used it to accelerate the recovery because Arnica decreases the inflammation and prevents cramps."
Pain management is not simple. The side effects of prescribed painkillers can make this option less appealing for many people. It makes sense to find alternative, natural and nonaddictive ways to manage pain.
One potential alternative is alternative medicine.

As with most homeopathic remedies, the "jury" is still out, despite studies that show it to be an effective treatment for arthritis, pain and post-surgery bruising. Talk to your doctor if you're interested in using Arnica.