3 Myths About CBD

“Legal Weed” is all the rage these days as more and more states across America loosen restrictions on marijuana sales. If you thought there was just one type of cannabis before, now there are thousands of different strains, edibles, smokables and vape-ables. It’s almost like a new language you have to learn.


Terms like THC and CBD get thrown around a lot, and it’s often hard to find real information about what’s what in the cannabis world. THC and CBD are two very different substances, but cultural stigmas and misinformation sometimes lump them both in the same “bad” bin. After all, “Fear The Reefer,” right?


The truth is CBD has tremendous health benefits without all the stuff momma warned you about. Check out these three myths about CBD.


Myth #1: CBD Will Make You Feel “High”


There are lots of cannabinoids that do different things, and CBD is just one of them. What makes you feel “high” when you smoke marijuana is THC, a different compound than CBD. CBD is classified as a “non-psychoactive” substance, meaning it does not alter your consciousness in any way. Even in very high doses, CBD will not impair your normal mental or physical function.


CBD can be extracted from Cannabis or Hemp plants, both plants produce non psychoactive CBD, the only difference is that Hemp has more CBD content than Cannabis and vis versa, Cannabis is rich in THC but poor in CBD. The confusion comes from the fact that the scientific names for both Hemp and Cannabis are very similar. Hemp is call Cannabis Sativa L and Marijuana is Cannabis Indica S.


CBD doesn’t have any rewarding effects on the brain like its psychoactive counterpart THC does. It does have very powerful effects in fighting anxiety, cravings and otherwise lifting your mood. You don’t have to have a serious medical condition to enjoy the benefits of CBD.


Since Hemp plants don’t have any psychoactive ingredients in them, unlike Cannabis plants, make sure your CBD is extracted from Hemp to ensure no unexpected side effects.


Myth #2: CBD Is Illegal


Times are changing quickly as more and more US states are now allowing recreational marijuana sales. In many cases, you can purchase THC and CBD in a store with a debit card. CBD is also used in many supplements you can purchase online.


The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) does classify CBD as a “tetrahydrocannabinol,” which means it is in the Controlled Substances Act on record with the federal government. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicates CBD has been “authorized for investigation as a new drug” and significant public research is under way.


Laws are changing quickly on the state level and they may soon on the Federal level, but for now there’s little legal risk you as a customer for purchasing and using CBD. Some suppliers and retailers may have more interaction with government agencies if those agencies decide to step up enforcement. CBD poses no public health risk and is readily available in many states and online.


Myth #3: All CBD Is The Same


All CBD products are not created equal! There are many ways to process the plant to create various CBD products. Lots of manufacturers and retailers will use the term “CBD” very generally, but not get into which specific type it is.


CBD isolate is just CBD. The CBD molecules have been stripped away from the rest of the plant and presented in a pure form. Broad Spectrum CBD is similar to CBD isolate, but it includes a few more pieces of the plant in the final form.


Full Spectrum CBD, or “Whole Plant CBD,” includes the full plant extract. This includes more of the plant’s molecules and terpenes to interact with the CBD like nature meant. Studies show terpenes and cannabinoids work together to create powerful healing effects, and Full Spectrum CBD contains more of them than isolate or broad spectrum.


PREHEMPTIVE CBD Creams and Oils are Full Spectrum and all natural. We also extract our CBD only from Hemp plants, so there’s no risk of psychoactive effects.


More Than CBD


In addition to CBD, PREHEMPTIVE includes 80 hemp phyto-cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD), CBC, CBG and CBN. Our extracts are composed of other naturally occurring molecules such as: Terpenes, Flavonoids, Vitamins ( B1, B2, B6, D) and Fatty acids (omega 3 & 6). Instead of using CBD only, researches show that using the whole plant maximizes benefits delivered throughout the body, sometimes referred to as the “entourage effect”.


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